Snow Dance Cider

We love winter for the snowpack in can bring to the Cascades. In fact, we are dependent on snowy winters for skiing, whitewater, and the agriculture we enjoy here. Sometimes winter needs a little help, and that's where Snow Dance come in. Inspired by the French pommeau de normandie, Snow Dance is a hard cider containing 19% alcohol by volume. We fortify partially fermented cider with double distilled apple brandy to preserve the fresh-off-the-farm aroma. Snow Dance brings a wonderful flavor while not being cloyingly sweet. We're pretty sure this is going to be your new winter warmer! Snow Dance is now available for purchase online. Click on the link below. 



Wenatchee is synonymous with apples, so it is fitting that a spirit made from apples is our signature product.  Phillippi Fruit Applejack starts with a select blend of apples that are pressed into apple juice, fermented into hard cider, and run through our still to capture the essence of the apple in a fiery young brandy.  Before bottling, we finish the spirit with oak to achieve a smoky character and golden hue. More akin to whiskey than hard cider, Phillippi Applejack is offered at 80 proof, and is great by itself. It is also a great base for many mixed drinks, and we use it as we would a whiskey, rum, or tequila.



Cherry season in the Wenatchee Valley is an intense time as the valley teems with the activity of getting this highly valuable, and highly perishable crop from the field to the table. Phillippi Fruit Kirschwasswer is our attempt to capture that energy and flavor in a bottle. We hand select batches of cherries with just the right flavor and sweetness to bring this unique product to life. With a nose of tree ripened cherries, and a flavor profile that blends almond overtones with a fruit finish, Phillippi Fruit cherry brandy is a way to enjoy the magic of cherry season year round. 


Pear Brandy

In the deep valleys that carry snowmelt from the heights of the Cascade Range to the mighty Columbia River are the most productive pear regions on earth.   Lucky for us, all those pears are right in our back yard.  Phillippi Fruit Pear Brandy begins with the delicate aroma of ripe pears.  Tastebuds translate that aroma into a mouthful of pear flavor before the fiery finish warms you from the inside out.  Perfect in a flask during the cold months, or with soda and ice when the weather is warm.